• 17 Apr 2024
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LimaCharlie allows you to extend the capability of the platform via various add-ons. These can be enabled via the add-ons marketplace.

Types of Add-Ons

We categorize our add-ons into three different categories, depending on the functionality or method in which the add-on augments the LimaCharlie platform.

  • api add-ons are tightly integrated add-ons that enable LimaCharlie's core features
  • extension add-ons are cloud services that can perform jobs on behalf of or add new capabilities to an organization.
  • service add-ons are a legacy version of extensions and are being phased out.

Subscribing to Add-ons

Add-ons can be found and added to organizations through the add-ons marketplace or by searching from within the Add-ons view in an organization (see below). The description of the add-on may include usage information about how to use it once it's installed.


The following add-ons enable additional functionality in the web application:

  • atomic-red-team - scan Windows sensors right from their Overview page
  • exfil - enables Exfil Control to configure which events should be collected per platform
  • infrastructure-service - enable Templates in the UI to manage org config in yaml
  • insight - enables retention & browsing events and detections via Timeline and Detections
  • logging - enables Artifact Collection to configure which paths to collect from
  • replay - adds a component next to D&R rules for testing them against known / historical events
  • responder - sweep sensors right from their Overview page to find preliminary IoCs
  • yara - enables YARA Scanners view to pull in sources of YARA rules and automate scans with them

Creating Add-ons

Users can create their own add-ons and optionally share them in the marketplace. Add-ons are your property, but may be evaluated and approved / dismissed due to quality or performance concerns. If you are not sure, contact us.

Got an idea?

Are you interested in creating an add-on or developing another project for LimaCharlie? Check out our Developer Grant Program.

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