Reliable Tasking
  • 12 Mar 2024
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Reliable Tasking

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The Reliable Tasking extension enables you to task a Sensor(s) that are currently offline. The extension will automatically send the task(s) to Sensor(s) once it comes online.

Enabling the Reliable Tasking Extension

To enable the Reliable Tasking extension, navigate to the Reliable Tasking extension page in the marketplace. Select the organization you wish to enable the extension for, and select Subscribe.

After clicking Subscribe, the Reliable Tasking extension should be available almost immediately.

Using the Reliable Tasking Extension

Once enabled, you will see an Reliable Tasking option under Automation within the LimaCharlie web UI. You can also interact with the extension via REST API.

Within the Reliable Tasking module, you can:

  • Task Sensor(s)

  • Untask Sensor(s)

  • List active task(s)

Actions via REST API

The following REST API actions can be sent to interact with the Reliable Tasking extension:

Create a Task

  "action": "task",
  "task": "os_version"

The task is similar to a command-line task. Optionally, you can also specify which endpoints to task by specifying:

  • sid : A specific sensor ID

  • tag : All Sensor(s) with a tag.

You can use the ttl to specify how long the extension should try to keep sending the task. The ttl value is a number of seconds and defaults to 1 week.

List Tasks

  "action": "list"

When listing tasks, you can specify which endpoints to get queued up task from by using one of:

  • sid : A specific sensor ID

  • tag : All Sensor(s) with a tag.

Migrating D&R Rule from legacy Service to new Extension

LimaCharlie is migrating away from Services to a new capability called Extensions. Support of legacy services will end on June 30, 2024.

The Python CLI gives you a direct way to assess if any rules reference legacy reliable tasking service, preview the change and execute the conversion required in the rule "response".

Command line to preview Reliable Tasking rule conversion:

limacharlie extension convert_rules --name ext-reliable-tasking

A dry-run response (default) will display the rule name being changed, a JSON of the service request rule and a JSON of the incoming extension request change.

To execute the change in the rule, explicitly set --dry-run flag to --no-dry-run

Command line to execute reliable tasking rule conversion:

limacharlie extension convert_rules --name ext-reliable-tasking --no-dry-run

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