• 10 Apr 2024
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Article Summary

The 1Password CLI brings 1Password to the terminal, allowing you to interact with a 1Password instance from LimaCharlie.

This extension makes use of 1Password's native CLI, which can be found here.

1Password Account Types

Please note that some 1Password functionality is limited to 1Password Business. Please validate you have the correct type of account(s) to ensure that commands run.


Returns a list of all items the account has read access to by default.

- action: extension request
  extension action: run
  extension name: ext-cloud-cli
  extension request:
    cloud: '{{ "op" }}' 
    command_line: '{{ "item list" }}'
    credentials: '{{ "hive://secret/secret-name" }}'


To utilize 1Password's automated CLI capabilities, you will need to create and utilize a Service Account. More information can be found here.

  • Create a secret in the secrets manager in the following format:

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