Microsoft 365
  • 10 Apr 2024
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Microsoft 365

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Article Summary

The CLI for Microsoft 365 is a tool created to help manage Microsoft 365 tenant(s) and SharePoint framework projects. With this component of the Cloud CLI extension, you can interact with a Microsoft 365 tenant(s) directly from LimaCharlie.

This extension makes use of the PnP Microsoft 365 CLI, which can be found here.


The following example disables the user account with the provided user ID.

- action: extension request
  extension action: run
  extension name: ext-cloud-cli
  extension request:
    cloud: '{{ "m365" }}' 
      - entra
      - user
      - set
      - '--id'
      - '{{ .event.user_id  }}'
      - '--accountEnabled'
      - false
    credentials: '{{ "hive://secret/secret-name" }}'


  • Per the Microsoft 365 CLI documentation, there are multiple login or authentication mechanisms available. The current LimaCharlie implementation utilizes a client secret for authentication. More information on provisioning client secrets can be found here.
  • Upon invocation, LimaCharlie will first run the m365 login command with the client secret key provided.
  • Create a secret in the secrets manager in the following format:

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