• 10 Apr 2024
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Article Summary

The Sublime Security CLI brings the power of Sublime's email platform to the command-line. With this component of the Cloud CLI extension, you can interact with Sublime's email platform directly from LimaCharlie.

This extension makes use of Tailscale's native CLI, which can be found here. The CLI is a Python package - the source code can be found here.


The following response action returns information about the currently authentication Sublime Security user.

- action: extension request
  extension action: run
  extension name: ext-cloud-cli
  extension request:
    cloud: '{{ "sublime" }}' 
    command_line: '{{ "me" }}'
    credentials: '{{ "hive://secret/secret-name" }}'


To utilize Sublime's CLI capabilities, you will need:

  • You will need an API key. More information about provisioning an API key can be found here.
  • Create a secret in the secrets manager in the following format:

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