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The Govee extension allows you to trigger color changes on your supported Govee lights via a D&R rule response action. It requires you to configure a Govee API key in the extension.


  1. Request an API key from Govee by following their instructions here
  2. Get the Device ID (device) and model (sku) of the device you'd like to target by requesting a list of your supported devices from the Govee API:
curl --location '' --header 'Govee-API-Key: YOUR_GOVEE_API_KEY'
  1. Decide what RGB color(s) you want to use. By default, the extension will alert with red (255,0,0), and revert back to white (255,255,255) when the alert duration has ended.
  2. Add your Govee API key to the extension configuration:
    Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 2.13.06 PM.png


When enabled, you may configure the response of a D&R rule to trigger a Govee event. Consider the following example response rule:

- action: extension request
  extension action: run
  extension name: ext-govee
  extension request:
    device_id: '{{ "YOUR_GOVEE_DEVICE" }}'
    device_model: '{{ "YOUR_GOVEE_DEVICE_SKU" }}'
    alert_color: '{{ "255,0,0" }}'
    alert_brightness: '{{ "100" }}'
    revert_color: '{{ "255,255,255" }}'
    revert_brightness: '{{ "10" }}'
    duration: '{{ "30" }}'
    is_global: true
      - Govee
    max_count: 1
    period: 1m

Note that the only required fields here are the device_id and device_model. Values supplied in the example are the defaults.


Required parameters:

  • device_id: returned via the Govee API, see example response below
  • device_model: returned via the Govee API, see example response below

Optional parameters:

  • alert_color: color of the light when alert fires, in RGB format, default 255,0,0 (red)
  • revert_color: color of the light to return to, after alert fires, in RGB format, default 255,255,255 (white)
  • alert_brightness: brightness of the light, default 100
  • revert_brightness: brightness of the light to return to, after alert fires, default 10
  • duration: duration of the alert in seconds, how long the light will remain at alert_color before returning to revert_color, default 30

Govee API sample request and response:

curl --location '' --header 'Govee-API-Key: YOUR_GOVEE_API_KEY'
    "code": 200,
    "message": "success",
    "data": [
            "sku": "H6008",                           # use in `device_model` parameter
            "device": "AA:BB:00:11:22:33:44:55",      # use in `device_id` parameter
            "deviceName": "DetectionLight",
            "type": "devices.types.light",
            "capabilities": [

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