FAQ - Invoices
  • 09 Nov 2023
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FAQ - Invoices

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This page contains frequently asked questions about invoices you receive for LimaCharlie service.

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LimaCharlie Invoices

LimaCharlie offers two types of invoices:

  • Individual organization
  • Unified billing

We'll examine each in detail.

Individual organization invoices

Your invoice will include a detailed breakdown of usage for your LimaCharlie tenant organization. You'll see individual line items for each LimaCharlie product utilized, along with your actual usage for the period. For example:

  • Sensors
  • Output usage
  • Artifact ingestion
  • Replay usage

Invoices cover both lines for standard billable items like sensor quota which are pre-paid for the following month, as well as consumption-based items (e.g. per-gigabyte costs incurred throughout the prior period) which are post-paid after the month has ended.

Your monthly invoices include a detailed breakdown enable you to see the exact periods covered for each product listed.

Because you are able to adjust your organization quota on demand, this will trigger proration of charges. You will see line items on your invoice which indicate "Remaining time on ..." or "Unused time on ..." that are related to the proration, which is done on a per-second basis.

Unified Billing invoices

Customers who are set up on Unified Billing receive one invoice that contain a roll-up summary of all of their LimaCharlie organizations so that they can pay them all together.

In addition to the Unified Billing invoice, customers are also provided with a LimaCharlie Global Billing email. This email contains:

  1. A table showing all organizations included in the period, along with a link to each individual organization's detailed invoice which shows breakdown of charges. Note that these individual invoices have a zero-dollar balance as the amounts are reflected on the Unified Invoice; this is reflected with a line item called "UNIFIED-BILLING" that shows the invoice total was moved to the unified invoice.
  2. A summary report (attachment) in CSV format that contains a list of the organizations included on the global billing invoice. The fields included in the CSV are as follows:
    A - Org Name
    B - Org ID
    C - Payment
    D - Sub-total
    E - Total Due
    F - Total Paid

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