Apache Kafka
  • 24 Dec 2022
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Apache Kafka

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Article summary

Output events and detections to a Kafka target.

  • dest_host: the IP or DNS and port to connect to, format kafka.myorg.com.
  • is_tls: if true will output over TCP/TLS.
  • is_strict_tls: if true will enforce validation of TLS certs.
  • username: if specified along with password, use for Basic authentication.
  • password: if specified along with username, use for Basic authentication.
  • routing_topic: use the element with this name from the routing of the event as the Kafka topic name.
  • literal_topic: use this specific value as a topic.

Note on authentication: if you specify username and password, the authentication mechanism assumed is SASL_SSL + SCRAM-SHA-512, which should be compatible with services like AWS Manages Streaming Kafka. If you require different paramaters around authentication please contact us at support@limacharlie.io.


dest_host: kafka.corp.com
is_tls: "true"
is_strict_tls: "true"
username: lc
password: letmein
literal_topic: telemetry

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