• 02 Jun 2023
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One option to export data from LimaCharlie is via SMTP, allowing you to send emails directly to a ticketing inbox or send high-priority detections to an on-call, shared email.

To utilize SMTP output, you will need:

  • An SMTP server that utilizes SSL
  • Username and password to send through the SMTP server (if applicable)
  • A destination email, to receive output

Webapp Configuration


Output individually each event, detection, audit, deployment or log through an email.

  • dest_host: the IP or DNS (and optionally port) of the SMTP server to use to send the email.
  • dest_email: the email address to send the email to.
  • from_email: the email address to set in the From field of the email sent.
  • username: the username (if any) to authenticate with the SMTP server with.
  • password: the password (if any) to authenticate with the SMTP server with.
  • secret_key: an arbitrary shared secret used to compute an HMAC (SHA256) signature of the email to verify authenticity. This is a required field. See "Webhook Details" section below.
  • is_readable: if 'true' the email format will be HTML and designed to be readable by a human instead of a machine.
  • is_starttls: if 'true', use the Start TLS method of securing the connection instead of pure SSL.
  • is_authlogin: if 'true', authenticate using AUTH LOGIN instead of AUTH PLAIN.
  • subject: is specified, use this as the alternate "subject" line.


username: lc
password: password-for-my-lc-email-user
secret_key: this-is-my-secret-shared-key
is_readable: true
is_starttls: false
is_authlogin: false
subject: LC Detection- <Name>

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