Reference: Authenticated Resource Locator
  • 10 Feb 2023
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Reference: Authenticated Resource Locator

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Many features in LimaCharlie require access to external resources, sometimes authenticated, provided by users.

Authenticated Resource Locators (ARLs) describe a way to specify access to a remote resource, supporting many methods, including authentication data, and all that within a single string.


With authentication


Without authentication

  • methodName: the transport to use, one of http, https, gcs and github.
  • methodDest: the actual destination of the transport. A domain and path for HTTP(S) and a bucket name and path for GCS.
  • authType: how to authenticate, one of basic, bearer, token, gaia or otx.
  • authData: the auth data, like username:password for basic, or access token values. If the value is a complex structure, like a gaia JSON service key, it must be base64-encoded.


HTTP GET with no auth


HTTP GET with basic auth


HTTP GET with bearer auth


HTTP GET with token auth


Retrieve from Google Cloud Storage


Retrieve OTX Pulse via REST API


Retrieve from GitHub repo with Github Personal Access Token


Retrieve from public GitHub repo at a specific branch


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