• 03 Mar 2023
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Article summary

LimaCharlie's Chrome sensor is built as a browser extension and provides visibility for activity performed within the browser. This sensor is particularly useful for gaining affordable network visibility in organizations that make heavy use of ChromeOS.

It is delivered as the LimaCharlie Sensor extension available in the Chrome Web Store.

Installation Instructions

Sensor installation instructions can be found here.

Supported Events

Supported Commands

Troubleshooting the Chrome Sensor

If the Chrome extension is giving connectivity issues, the following may help.

First, try uninstalling/re-installing the extension.

If the extension continues to fail to connect, please provide the LimaCharlie support team with the following details:

  1. Open a new brower tab
  2. Go to chrome://extensions/
  3. Ensure "Developer Mode" is enabled (see toggle in the top right)


  1. Click the background.html link in the LimaCharlie Sensor entry.


  1. In the window that opens, click Console and provide us with a screenshot of what appears for analysis.

Please also include your organization ID, which can be found within the LimaCharlie web interface in the REST API section under OID.

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