Slack Audit Logs
  • 29 Oct 2023
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Slack Audit Logs

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Article Summary

Slack audit logs allow for ingestion of audit events in a Slack Enterprise Grid organization. Events can be ingested directly from the Slack API via a cloud-to-cloud or CLI Adapter.

Slack telemetry can be addressed via the slack platform.

Note: Audit Logs via API are only available to Slack workspaces on the Enterprise Grid plan.

Adapter Deployment

Slack Audit Logs can be collected directly from the Slack API, via a cloud-to-cloud Adapter, or via the CLI Adapter. You will need a Slack App OAuth token prior to deploying this Adapter. More information on generating Slack OAuth tokens can be found at this link.

Cloud-to-Cloud Adapter

Slack API telemetry can be configured directly from the LimaCharlie web application. Under Sensors List, select + Add Sensor > Slack Audit Logs. After providing an Installation Key, you will be prompted to provide an Adapter Name and a Slack App OAuth Token.


Deploying via the CLI Adapter

The LimaCharlie CLI Adapter can also be used to ingest Slack events, if you do not wish to create a cloud-to-cloud connector. The following sample configuration can be used to create a Slack CLI Adapter:

    hostname: slack-audit
      installation_key: <INSTALLATION_KEY>
      oid: <OID>
    platform: slack
    sensor_seed_key: super-special-seed-key

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