Adapters as a Service
  • 09 Feb 2024
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Adapters as a Service

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Article Summary

In some cases, users may need to install the LimaCharlie Adapter with persistence, to ensure that data collection survives a reboot and/or other disruptions.

To accommodate this need, the LimaCharlie Adapter can be installed as a service.

Service Installation


To install the Windows LimaCharlie Adapter as a service, insert the -install:<service-name> flag in the command line, following the Adapter executable name.
For example:

./lc_adapter.exe azure_event_hub client_options.identity.installation_key=...

would be replaced with

./lc_adapter.exe -install:azure_collection azure_event_hub client_options.identity.installation_key=...

This would create a service named azure-collection with the Adapter config.

Remember, Adapter configurations can be provided via two methods:

  • In the command line, as part of a list of flags
  • Via a YAML config file

Note: The service will point to lc_adapter.exe based on its path at the creation of the service. If you wish to move the Adapter to a permanent location, please do so before creating the service.

Linux / systemd

To install a LimaCharlie Adapter as a service on a Linux system with systemd, you will need a service file, the adapter binary, and a your adapter command.

Adapter Binary

Download one of the adapter binaries and apply the necessary permissions:

wget -O /path/to/adapter-directory/lc-adapter $ADAPTER_BINARY_URL
chmod +x /path/to/adapter-directory/lc-adapter

Service File - /etc/systemd/system/limacharlie-adapter-name.service

You will replace $ADAPTER_COMMAND in the service file with your actual adapter command below.

Description=LC Adapter Name



Adapter Command

Your adapter command may differ depending on your use case--this is an example of a file adapter to ingest logs from a JSON file.

/path/to/adapter-directory/lc-adapter file file_path=/path/to/logs.json client_options.identity.installation_key=<INSTALLATION KEY> client_options.identity.oid=<ORG ID> client_options.platform=json client_options.sensor_seed_key=<SENSOR SEED KEY> client_options.mapping.event_type_path=<EVENT TYPE FIELD> client_options.hostname=<HOSTNAME>

Enable and Start the Service

sudo systemctl enable lc-adapter-name
sudo systemctl start lc-adapter-name
sudo systemctl status lc-adapter-name

Service Uninstallation


To remove a WIndows LimaCharlie Adapter service, use the -remove:<service_name> flag.


If your service is running with a systemd script, you can disable and remove it with the following:

sudo systemctl stop lc-adapter-name
sudo systemctl disable lc-adapter-name
sudo rm /etc/systemd/system/lc-adapter-name.service
sudo rm /path/to/adapter-directory/lc-adapter

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