• 03 Mar 2023
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Article Summary

Output detections and audit (only) to a Slack community and channel.

  • slack_api_token: the Slack provided API token used to authenticate.
  • slack_channel: the channel to output to within the community.


slack_api_token: sample_api_token
slack_channel: #detections


To use this Output, you need to create a Slack App and Bot. This is very simple:

  1. Head over to
  2. Click on "Create App" and select the workspace where it should go
  3. From the sidebar, click on OAuth & Permissions
  4. Go to the section "Bot Token Scope" and click "Add an OAuth Scope"
  5. Select the scope chat:write
  6. From the sidebar, click "Install App" and then "Install to Workspace"
  7. Copy token shown, this is the slack_api_token you need in LimaCharlie
  8. In your Slack workspace, go to the channel you want to receive messages in, and type the slash command: /invite @limacharlie (assuming the app name is limacharlie)

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