• 24 Dec 2022
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Output individually each event, detection, audit, deployment or artifact through a POST webhook.

  • dest_host: the IP or DNS, port and page to HTTP(S) POST to, format https://www.myorg.com:514/whatever.
  • secret_key: an arbitrary shared secret used to compute an HMAC (SHA256) signature of the webhook to verify authenticity. See "Webhook Details" section.
  • auth_header_name and auth_header_value: set a specific value to a specific HTTP header name in the outgoing webhooks.


dest_host: https://webhooks.corp.com/new_detection
secret_key: this-is-my-secret-shared-key
auth_header_name: x-my-special-auth
auth_header_value: 4756345846583498

Example hook to Google Chat:

dest_host: https://chat.googleapis.com/v1/spaces/AAAA4-AAAB/messages?key=afsdfgfdgfE6vySjMm-dfdssss&token=pBh2oZWr7NTSj9jisenfijsnvfisnvijnfsdivndfgyOYQ%3D
secret_key: gchat-hook-sig42
custom_transform: |
      "text": "Detection {{ .cat }} on {{ .routing.hostname }}: {{ .link }}"

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