Reference: Sensor Selector Expressions
  • 20 Oct 2023
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Reference: Sensor Selector Expressions

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Article Summary

Many components in LimaCharlie require selecting a set of Sensors based on some characteristics. The selector expression is a text field that describe what matching characteristics the selector is looking for.

The following fields are available in this evaluation:

  • sid: the Sensor ID
  • oid: the Organization ID
  • iid: the Installation Key ID
  • plat: the Platform name (see platforms)
  • ext_plat: the Extended Platform name (see platforms)
  • arch: the Architecture name (see architectures)
  • enroll: the Enrollment as a second epoch timestamp
  • hostname: the hostname
  • mac_addr: the latest MAC address
  • alive: second epoch timestamp of the last time the sensor connected to the cloud
  • ext_ip: the last external IP
  • int_ip the last internal IP
  • isolated: a boolean True if the sensor's network is isolated
  • should_isolate: a boolean True if the sensor is marked to be isolated
  • kernel: a boolean True if the sensor has some sort of "kernel" enhanced visibility
  • did: the Device ID the sensor belongs to
  • tags: the list of tags the sensor currently has

The following are the available operators:

  • ==: equals
  • !=: not equal
  • in: element in list, or substring in string
  • not in: element not in list, or substring not in string
  • matches: element matches regular expression
  • not matches: element does not match regular expression

Here are some example:

  • all sensors with the test tag: test in tags
  • all windows boxes with an internal IP starting in 10.3.x.x: plat == windows and int_ip matches `^10\.3\..*`
  • all 1password sensors, strings starting with a number need to be quoted with a backtick: plat == `1password`
  • all linux with network isolation or evil tag: plat == linux or (isolated == true or evil in tags)

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